ggRock Web UI Overview

A visual guide to the new and improved ggRock Web UI.

ggRock Web UI Overview 


Monitor machines

  • Enable ggLeap Integration

  • Power machines off and on

  • Configure machines

  • Restart Machines 



Initial Configuration of Disk Array

  • Monitor S.M.A.R.T. Status of Hard Drives

  • Array Maintenance

  • Disk Replacement


Manage System images

  • Manage Game Images

  • Apply Writebacks

  • Manage Snapshots


Submit ideas

  • View ideas under consideration

  • View accepted ideas

  • View features in the roadmap

  • View features under development

  • View released features


  • Adjust RAM Cache Size

  • Adjust Maximum VM RAM allocation

  • Adjust server reserved RAM

  • Enable/disable dark mode

  • Change release streams (for members of the ggRock Power Users cohort)


  • View Network Bridge Configuration Status

  • Configure Network Bridge

Array and Images


  • Enable/Disable automatically importing the ggRock array on application start

  • Configure available space (hourly) warning threshold

  • Configure reserved disk space (restrict machine boot and snapshot creation) threshold

  • Configure unutilized snapshot retention

  • Configure uprotected snapshot retention

  • Configure inactive writeback retention

Software Update


  • View update information

  • Upgrade ggRock

  • Downgrade ggRock


  • View ggRock Subscription Information


  • View Employees List

    • Create Employees

    • Edit Employees

    • Delete Employees


  • View Roles

    • Create Roles

    • Edit Roles

    • Delete Roles

Server Stats

  • Access Grafana Statistics Monitoring Facility

User Menu

  • View username of user that is currently logged in

  • Log out of the ggRock Web UI