Creating User Groups (membership)

Creating User Groups (membership) How to create user groups or memberships to apply special discounts or prices.

Creating User Groups

- In the web admin, go to Settings > Groups config > User groups.
- Click the "+ Add user group" button on the upper right side of the screen.

- Enter the name of the user group and description.

- For Free user group type, click the "Add" button to complete the creation of the new user group.

- For Paid user group type, fill out the paid user group option: duration (yearly or monthly), membership cost, then add an offer. Enter a Group Discount (if applicable) and select tax. Click the "Add" button to complete the creation of the new user group.

NOTE: In order to enable Stripe payment option for user membership subscription, you need to integrate your center's Stripe account in Financial Configuration.

User Group Options

There are two types of ratings you can choose to utilize in User Groups to give special prices for users who choose to register/sign up to be a member of your center. You can choose to give discount rates based on the percentage of the offer's price or choose to create custom prices for a particular User Group. Instruction with images for reference below.

User Group Discounts

By enabling the Discount rates, your users in User Groups will get a certain discount based on the percentage you set. The image below shows where and how you can set the percentage of discount users in a particular group gets:

- To enable Discount rates, go to Settings > Groups config > Groups Settings.
- Under User groups, check the box beside Discount rates and click "Save changes".

- Go to Settings > Groups Config > User Groups.
- You can choose to edit a user group's discount rate by clicking the three dots at the rightmost part and choosing "Edit". The discount rate can also be set at the creation of a new user group.


- Enter the discount rate in the Group Discount field.


- So putting 50 in the field above would mean that you are giving 50% off for all the items in this user group. So if the cost of an offer is $10, every user in this user group will only have to pay $5.

Custom Price Option

Enabling Custom prices gives you the ability to set specific offer or product prices for each User Groups.

-To enable Custom prices, go to Settings > Groups config > Groups Settings.
-Under User groups, check the box beside Custom prices and click "Save changes".

-You can now set a specific amount for each of your offers and products for that user group.


Example of how the custom price can be applied on a product for a user group

License Pools

You can also utilize User Groups to specify the user group who can have access to certain License Pools.

- To do this, go to Settings > Center config > Licenses.

- Create a License Pool and tick which User Groups will be eligible to use the license.