Cannot install .NET Framework 3.5

Cannot install .NET Framework 3.5 This article describes a scenario in which .NET Framework 3.5 can't be installed due to Windows Updates being disabled (which is required)


The .NET Framework 3.5 install fails with error code 0x80070422, indicating that the service could not be started.


General Outline

  • Turn On the VM you would like to apply changes from

  • Download .NET Framework 3.5 Offline Installer

  • Enable Windows Updates

  • Install .NET Framework 3.5

  • Disable Windows Updates

  • Shut down the VM you would like to apply changes from

  • Commit Writebacks

  • Reboot all systems to ensure the changes propagate to them

Full Procedure

1. Create a VM.

Create (if not already created) and Turn On a ggRock VM with desired Image in local drives mode (This is for compatibility purposes - if the VM were booted in network mode and the network driver were removed during the OS upgrade, the System Image would be rendered un-bootable over the network - not to worry, there are mitigations for this if the issue presents itself, but we need to side-step the issue here while installing OS updates). (See the Virtual Machines Administration Manual for more information). Additionally, please refer to "Controlling a Virtual Machine" for more information on how to control VMs.


If you do not yet have a VM set up on your ggRock server, please follow the steps in "Creating a Virtual Machine" to do so.

2. Enable "Keep Writebacks" in the Settings of the VM.

(See the Machines Administration Manual for more information).


This is a precautionary measure in the event that an update you are installing requires a reboot - without "Keep Writebacks" enabled the changes will be lost on reboot.

3. Turn on the VM.

4. Control the VM.