Virtual Machines

Creating and Using Virtual Machines

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The main use-case of the Virtual Machines functionality is to update games remotely, with no need to enable any client Machines, all from the comfort of the web browser accessible from anywhere with no special software.

Enabling Virtual Machines

Please make sure that you have completed the following prerequisite tasks:

  1. Enable virtualization in the ggRock server BIOS.

  2. Configure a Static IP for the ggRock server as per this manual.

  3. Power off any systems in your center, as the network connection will be interrupted whilst configuration is performed.

Do NOT enable Virtual Machines without the three steps above performed. Enabling Virtual Machines should be instant and once the page refreshes (refresh it if it doesn’t after 5 seconds) - you should be able to Create VMs.

These are the steps required to Enable VMs: