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First-time Setup and Accessing the ggRock Server Application

This article describes necessary steps for accessing the ggRock Server Application (ggRock Web UI) for the first time.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Required Time: 10 Minutes

Description: Accessing the ggRock server application is accomplished via a web browser. First-time setup involves logging in with a ggLeap account for your center that has the necessary permissions, optionally changing the password for that account, and logging in for the first time. Before following this guide, ensure that you have followed the "Install the Debian OS on Your Server" and "Install the ggRock Server Application" guides.

Access the Server Console

1. Access the server console via a direct keyboard/mouse/monitor connection to the server, SSH, or via Debian Control Panel. Your Server IP will be displayed in the login banner.


In the case of the example, this address is, however your Server IP will be unique to your LAN configuration.

Open the ggRock Server Web UI

2. Open a web browser on any PC on the same network segment as your ggRock server, and enter your Server IP in the address bar, then press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.


In the example, the Google Chrome browser is used so it is necessary to accept the ggRock self-signed SSL certificate by clicking the "Advanced" button, then clicking the "Proceed to (unsafe)" link. This process is safe as long as you followed ggCircuit-provided guides start-to-finish with no outside interference.

Log into ggRock for the First Time

3. During your purchase your sales manager should provide you with your ggRock credentials. Enter them in the fields provided. This will be an account of your choosing that exists as an Employee within your ggLeap instance.

The owner permission within ggRock is tied to the first ggLeap account you sign into ggRock with that has the "Can get GG rock AuthToken" permission. It is for this reason that it is recommended to create a new ggLeap Employee Account to use as a service account for ggRock authentication. This avoids a discouraged practice of sharing a personal user account/password amongst multiple users, as additional administrators of the ggRock server may be added at a later time.

4. Navigate to Settings > Employees > Employees list.

5. Click the "Add employee" button.

6. Set a username and password for the account, and ensure it has the following permission:

"Can get GG rock AuthToken"

7. Log into the ggRock Web UI with the ggLeap Employee account you created above.

8. You will be prompted to change your password so nobody else knows it and we eliminate any dangers with the communication mediums used to send you your initial credentials.