Creating A License Pool

Using license management to utilize in-house accounts for popular games.

A license pool is where the center's in-house game accounts are stored and can be borrowed by a user. It can be set to be only accessible by specific user or PC groups.

When a user clicks the “Play Center Account” button on the client PC it should autologin by getting a license from the license pool. The license will become available for another player to use once it is no longer being utilized.


-To create a license pool,  go to Settings > Center config > Licenses.

-On Licenses, click "Create license pool" button (located in the upper left side of the screen).

-Enter the name of the license pool that you want to create.

-In Games field, type or search the game from the dropdown list. The dropdown list will show the games that you have enabled. You can select several game titles for a license pool.

-Select the PC and/or User groups where the license pool can be used. Click "Save".

-After creating the license pool, you can add licenses in it by clicking the three dots button on the right side and then click "+ Add license" button.

-Select the platform where the license will be used in Type field, then enter the username and password in their respective fields. Click "Add more" button to add another license in the pool or click "Add" to finish adding the license.