How to setup PC groups

This article explains how to set up Dynamic charging for User groups.

This feature of ggLeap will allow you to make the PCs consume time faster regardless of the offer being used. This is a great feature to use if you have a VIP section in your center or if you have high-end PCs that you would like to charge more for your customers to use.

1. To enable this feature, go to the WebAdmin Settings > Groups Config > Group settings.


2. Click on the checkbox beside "Dynamic Charging". By checking this box you can choose the % rate at which certain PCs will consume offers. For example, a VIP group that has a 120% rate, will consume offers 20% faster than a normal PC (and is therefore 20% more expensive to use).

3. Don't forget to click on the "Save changes" button.


Dynamic Charging

Enabling this feature will allow you to set the rate of how fast time in an offer will be consumed (e.g. 1-hour offer will become 30 minutes in a PC group with a 200% consumption rate).

1. Go to Settings > Groups config > PC/Console Groups.
2. Create a new PC group by clicking "+ Add Group" or edit an existing group by right-clicking it and selecting "Edit".
3. Set the consumption rate and click the "Add" button.

4. Once the consumption rate is set for the PC group, go to Settings > Shop settings > Inventory management and select "Offers".
5. Create a new offer or edit an existing one.
6. Enable "Allow PC Group manipulation" and click save.