How to setup PC groups

This feature of ggLeap will allow you to set up an offer to work only with specific PC groups or consume time faster regardless of the offer being used. This is a great feature to use if you have a VIP section in your center or if you have high-end PCs that you would like to charge more for your customers to use.

To set PC grouping, head to Settings > Groups Config > Group settings. You will be given 2 options for PC Groups: Limited offer validity and Custom consumption rates. These can be used simultaneously and in conjunction with User groups. Be sure to save after selecting the PC group you want to use.

Limited offer validity

Enabling this will allow an offer to be used only on selected PC groups. 

-Go to Settings > Shop settings > Inventory management and select "Offers".
-Create a new offer or edit an existing one.
-Under Eligible PC groups, simply select the PC groups where the offer can be used and click "Save".

Custom consumption rates

This option will allow you to set the rate of how fast time in an offer will be consumed (e.g. 1 hour offer will become 30 minutes in a PC group with 200% consumption rate).

-Go to Settings > Groups config > PC/Console Groups.
-Create a new PC group by clicking "+ Add group" or edit an existing group by right-clicking it and select "Edit".
-Set the consumption rate and click "Add".

4. Once the consumption rate is set for the PC group, go to Settings > Shop settings > Inventory management and select "Offers".
5. Create a new offer or edit an existing one.
6. Enable "Allow PC Group manipulation" and click save.

Games and License Pools

You can also utilize this feature to specify PC groups that can have access to certain games and license pools.


- To do this, go to Settings > Client configuration > Games/Apps.

- Add a new game or edit an existing game, in the Eligible PC groups field, select the groups you will grant game access to (you can select multiple PC groups). Click "Save"

License Pools

- To do this, go to Settings > Center config > Licenses.

- Create a license pool and tick which PC Groups will be eligible to use the license.

- You can also edit an existing license pool to limit it to specific PC Groups.