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Configure ggRock (Deprecated)

This article explains how to configure basic aspects of ggRock: Configure Array, import and set up Images and get Machines to boot.

At this point we assume that you have successfully completed Install Debian OS and Install ggRock steps, as well as any optional/special cases mentioned in these documents.

Phase 1. Login and set up your credentials (5 steps)

Step 1. Determine your Server IP

Boot up your server (or reboot it) and in the prompt you will see your Server IP. In this case it's

Step 2. Navigate to ggRock

Enter your Server IP ( in our case) in a browser on any PC on the same LAN as the server. If you navigate here for the first time make sure to accept the ggRock self-signed SSL certificate, by Going to Advanced -> Proceed to (unsafe). It is perfectly safe if you followed installation instructions.

Step 3. Enter your credentials

During your purchase your sales manager should provide you with your ggRock credentials. Enter them in the fields provided. If you have ggLeap, this will be an account of your choosing that exists as an Employee within your ggLeap instance.

When synchronized with ggLeap, authentication within ggRock is tied to the first ggLeap account you sign into ggRock with that has the "Can get GG rock AuthToken" permission. It is for this reason that it is recommended to create a new ggLeap Employee Account to use as a service account for ggRock authentication. This avoids a discouraged practice of sharing a personal user account/password amongst multiple users.


1. Log into the ggLeap Web Admin, then navigate to Settings > Employees > Employees list.

2. Click the "Add employee" button.

3. Set a username and password for the account, and ensure it has the "Can get GG rock AuthToken" permission.

4. Log into the ggRock Web UI with the ggLeap Employee account you created above.

Step 4. Create new ggRock password

You will be prompted to change your password so nobody else knows it and we eliminate any dangers with the communication mediums used to send you your initial credentials.