Introduction and theory

General subjects

  • ggRock Administration first steps (Coming)
  • ggRock Licensing manual (Coming)
  • ggRock Update manual (Coming)

Games and Apps administration

Machines administration

Array administration

  • ggRock Array Administration manual (Coming)
  • ggRock Array RAID0 (Single Drive) - RAID10 (Mirrored) Migration manual (Coming)
  • ggRock Array RAID types manual (Coming)

Images administration

Settings Administration

  • ggRock General Settings manual (Coming)
  • ggRock Network Settings manual (Coming)
  • ggRock Array and Images Settings manual (Coming)
  • ggRock Subscription & Credentials Settings manual (Coming)

Advanced Administration

  • ggRock Required Ports manual (Coming)
  • ggRock Server Resources Monitoring manual (Coming)
  • ggRock CLI Update manual (Coming)
  • ggRock CLI Image Backup/Restore manual (Coming)
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