ggRock Server Unreachable, ZFS crashing, ggrock-linux-configurator not updating IP

ggRock Machines Unable to Boot

Error Message "Internal Server Error" is displayed in the ggRock Web UI whenever you click on the "Machines" or "Array" tab.

Troubleshooting steps include "apt-get dist-upgrade", which indicates command not found.

Additionally, running ggrock-linux-configurator fails to configure the IP settings appropriately.

The zfs list and zpool status commands both may return the following error:

"The ZFS modules are not loaded. Try running '/sbin/modprove zfs' as root to load them"


In the case of this example, the server OS was modified to run with test packages rather than stable versions.

Test packages are not validated to function with ggRock, therefore the recommendation is to re-install Debian, then re-install ggRock, making sure to utilize stable packages (the default).