ggRock Client Machine boot stuck on "Filename: http://xxxxxxxx... [connecting]

ggRock Client Machine boot stuck on "Filename: http://xxxxxxxx... [connecting] This article describes a scenario in which client PCs fail to boot due to an incorrect IP address


ggRock Machines hang at [connecting] during the boot process.

It may also be noted that the IP address of the server in the "Next Server:" field is incorrect.


Re-run ggrock-linux-configurator

  1. Access the server console via a direct connection to the server, SSH, or via Debian Control Panel.

2. Log in with the root user, or another admin user on the system.

3. Enter the ggrock-linux-configurator command, then press <Enter>.

4. At the "Welcome" dialog, press <Enter> to proceed with configuration.

5. At the "Install packages" dialog, press <Enter> to install packages from the Debian "contrib" repository.

6. At the "Enable repositories" dialog, press <Enter> to enable the required repositories.

7. At the "IP adddress" dialog, select the primary IP address of your server, then press <Enter> to confirm.

8. If desired, at the "Bridge configuration" dialog you may choose to configure your server for virtual machines at this time by pressing <Enter> to confirm, otherwise select "No" here and press <Enter> to confirm.

9. At the "IP forwarding" dialog, press <Enter> to confirm.

10. Reboot the ggRock server with the "shutdown -r now" command.

11. Once the server boots back up, attempt to boot a Machine again.

Solution 2

Check that no devices in your LAN are broadcasting PXE responses, then re-install Debian and ggRock.

Data stored on the arrays will not be affected.

Additional Information

If, for any reason, the IP address of your server changed since the last time ggrock-linux-configurator was run, it will need to be run again in order to update configurations.