Cannot access ggRock Web UI, This site can't be reached

This site can't be reached This article describes a workaround and a solution to an issue which might prevent access to the ggRock Web.


Cannot access the ggRock Web UI

Error message "This site can't be reached"

Temporary Workaround

Perform ggRock Installation without enabling the network bridge.

1. Follow installation steps in the "Install ggRock" manual.

2. When you reach "Step 8. Confirm Network Bridge", answer "No".

3. Continue the Install ggRock manual at "Step 9. Enable IP forwarding".


Answering "No" at Step 8 will skip network bridge configuration, resulting in an inability to create ggRock VMs. Please contact support for assistance with bridge creation and VM enablement, should that be a feature your center wishes to utilize.

Solution 1

If any manual changes were made to the /etc/network/interfaces file, installation may fail at the ggrock-linux-configurator step. Revert these changes.

1. Access the Debian Control Panel.

2. Revert any changes to the Debian /etc/network/interfaces file.


If your server has multiple Network Interface Cards, your interfaces file may contain configuration for the first network card, but not others, which might be the primary NIC. Edit /etc/network/interfaces, ensuring that there are entries for each network card (e.g. eno1, eno2, eno3, such as "iface eno3 inet dhcp". Re-run installation of ggrock per the installation manual.

Solution 2

If you are early in the setup process and ggRock installation has not yet completed, please complete installation prior to attempting to access the ggRock Web UI.