Alienware Command Center Installation

This article describes common steps necessary to install Alienware Command Center.


Alienware Command Center is required for overclocking, chassis accent lighting adjustment, and other hardware-specific features related to Alienware Machines.


Example is from the Alienware R10 System Type

  1. Download/install the Alienware Command Center Suite installer from the Dell page for the R10 model.


  2. Download/install the Alienware OC Controls application from the Dell page for the R10 model.


  3. Reboot the Machine after installing both components.


  4. Run both applications from ggLeap Admin mode, configuring the lighting, etc as desired within the Alienware Command Center application.


  5. Launch Alienware Command Center at least one time on every computer in admin mode so that the color scheme is replicated to the chassis accent lighting.

It may be necessary to have Windows Update enabled during the process of installing the above Alienware applications as some components are Windows Store APPX applications which cannot be installed when Windows Update is in the “Disabled” state. Please refer to "Disabling Windows Updates" to view the mechanisms through which Windows Update may be enabled/disabled.

Additional Information

Alienware Command Center allows adjustment of Alienware chassis accent lighting as well as other components of the Alienware system. The application is composed of traditional Windows applications, modern APPX components, and Windows services that all must be running for the product to function normally. In typical use cases when a user logs in, all of these applications and components launch automatically, but if the ggLeap shell is used this may not be the case, necessitating launching the application at least one time on every Machine to sync up chassis accent lighting.