Using the Dashboard PC graphical view

The PC graphical view gives you the ability to your see your PC list exactly like how it is setup in your center. In terms of function, it is almost identical to the PC list view.

Checking PC Status

The color of the PC node will determine the status of the PCs. Please check this article to get more information on PC status.

PC Menu Functions

Clicking on the node will open the menu where you can send commands to the client PC. The functions are the same with PC list view.

Creating a New Layout

By creating a new layout, it will give you a freedom to re-arrange how your PCs will be grouped without affecting the other design created by other employees. Simply click the "layout" icon on the right side and select "+ Add layout" button to create a new layout.

Creating a New Room

Click the "+ Add room" button on the right side to create a new room. 

Moving PCs

You can click and drag PC, console and even an entire room to different places in the layout.