Explanation of PC status

Determine what is happening to a PC in the Dashboard by looking at its color.

GREEN (Ready) - The PC is ready to be used.

BROWN Pickaxe (Mining) - The PC is ready to be used, but is mining. (Employee Permission is Required "CanAccessMiningConfigs"/"CanAccessMiningProfits")

RED (Occupied) - A user or guest is using the client PC.

BLUE (Admin) - This means that the PC is on the Windows desktop for maintenance or another administrative task.

GRAY (Off) - The PC is off or not connected to the ggLeap server.

YELLOW (Restarting) - The PC is in the process of restarting.

YELLOW (Shutting Down / Starting Up) - The PC is shutting down or is about to load the client.

ORANGE (Locked) - The PC is locked for reservation by the admin or locked by the user.

ORANGE Pickaxe (Locked Mining) - The PC is locked but is mining.