Recommended Game Launcher Configuration

Recommended Game Launcher Configuration This article describes recommended game launcher configuration when installing to your games drive

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Epic Games Launcher

Origin Launcher

Steam Launcher

Uplay Launcher (Ubisoft Connect)

League of Legends (Riot Launcher)

Valorant (Riot Launcher)

General Recommendations

See the "ggRock Games Recommended Configuration" guide for further information on the general decision making process for game launcher configuration. Launcher


1. Visit the Blizzard Entertainment Desktop App Download Page to download the latest version of the Launcher.

2. Locate and execute the downloaded file - by default this will be in your "Downloads" folder.

3. When prompted, select a language and click the "Continue" button to proceed.

4. If you receive a UAC prompt, please click the "Yes" button to proceed.

5. Next, click the blue "Change" link, browsing to your games drive.

6. If you are following recommendations, browse to the "G:\" drive. Additionally, you may need to pre-create the directory structure to install the Launcher to, meaning create the folder "Launchers" within the "G:\" drive if it does not exist, and also create the folder "" inside of the "Launchers" folder. Click the "Select Folder" button to proceed.