Installing or Updating the ggLeap Client on a ggRock Machine

Installing or Updating the ggLeap Client on a ggRock Machine This article describes steps necessary to install or update the ggLeap client on a ggRock Machine. Jacob Pitcher


Upon installing the ggLeap client to a ggRock Machine, the system reboots and after the reboot the ggLeap client is no longer installed (the system state is is reverted).


General Outline

  • Enable Keep Writebacks for the Machine on which you would like to install the ggLeap Client

  • Turn On the Machine from which you would like to apply changes

  • Install the ggLeap Client

  • Observe a reboot that occurs after the ggLeap Client installation completes

  • Set a name for the Machine in ggLeap when prompted

  • Shut down the Machine

  • Disable Keep Writebacks for the Machine

  • Apply Writebacks

  • Reboot all systems to ensure the changes propagate to them, setting names on each when prompted.

Full Procedure

Pre-Installation Setup

1. Enable "Keep Writebacks" in the Settings of the Machine.

(See the Machines Administration Manual for more information).


This is a required step because the ggLeap Client installation requires a reboot - without "Keep Writebacks" enabled the changes will be lost on reboot.

2. Turn on the Machine. In this example we use the "Wake on LAN" functionality of ggRock, however you may elect to press the power button physically on the Machine.

ggLeap Client Installation

3. Download the ggLeap Client.

For more information, please refer to "How to Download the ggLeap Client".

4. Install the ggLeap Client.

Locate the downloaded installation file and double-click it to begin installation.

5. If a UAC prompt appears, click the "Yes" button to continue.

6. From the "Welcome to ggLeap Setup" screen, click the "Install" button.