ggRock Client Machine has either minor hardware differences, or has the same hardware but requires re-installing drivers to function


In this example, one Machine in the center has the same hardware, however, the graphics driver does not load on system boot.

This can apply to almost any case of a missing driver or slightly different hardware resulting in the need to reinstall drivers on a given system.


1. Reboot the system in question.

2. Once the system is booted, download and install the necessary driver (in this case the very same nVidia driver that was required for the other systems to function.


If a reboot is necessary, please make sure to check the "Keep Writebacks" checkbox in Advanced Settings for the Machine in question before rebooting so that changes are saved between reboots.

3. Shut down the system in question.

4. If "Keep Writebacks" was checked in step 2, make sure to uncheck it for the machine in question before applying writebacks in step 5.

5. Apply writebacks for the Machine in question, then boot this system and other systems to confirm all are now functional.

Additional Information

In Windows Administration, we must ensure that the drivers and configuration for all hardware are installed. For further information, as well as steps for locating appropriate driver software, please refer to the Windows Driver Installation Guide.