ggRock Client Machine boot stuck on "No more network devices"

Connection timed out ( No more network devices.


The following error appears on bootup:

Connection timed out (

No more network devices

Solution 1

1. Ensure that any system images in use are classified as the "System" type, according to the Images Manual.


2. Ensure that a default system image and games image are set, according to the Images Manual.

Set the System Image as the default.


Set the games image as the default.

Solution 2

Ensure DHCP options 66/67 are not in use

  1. Confirm that DHCP Options 66/67 are not configured on the DHCP server.

  2. If enabled, disable DHCP Options 66/67.

  3. Attempt booting again.

Solution 3

Ensure either no other IP helpers, or that only ggRock server address is configured as an IP helper.

  1. Remove all other (or all, period) IP helper addresses from the VLAN/network segment.

  2. Attempt booting again.

Solution 4

Disable spanning tree for the switch the ggRock server/clients are connected to.

  1. Disable spanning tree.

  2. Attempt booting again.