ggRock Client Machine boot stuck, Array Full

This article details processes for clearing space in an array that is full in order to restore ggRock functions.


One or more ggRock Client Machines hang at PXE boot before booting into windows.

An error indicating that the Array is full appears at the top of the ggRock Web UI:

Your Array has XX.X% free space and is now full. You should delete stale Snapshots and reboot machines to decrease Writebacks size.


Delete old snapshots on your Game Image and your System Image.

1. From the ggRock Web UI, click the "Images" tab.

2. Click the overflow (three vertical dots) menu next to one of your images, then click the "View details" context menu item.

3. From the "details" page, observe the "Snapshots" section (note the number of snapshots displayed in this section for your image). It is recommended to keep around 10 snapshots, but this number will vary depending on available disk space and personal preference.

Additional Information

Checking Array Free Space

1. From the ggRock Web UI, click the "Array" tab.

2. View total array space, used space, available space, and reserved space in the bar chart at the top-right corner of the Array tab.


See the Array Manual for more information on the Array tab.