Epic Games Launcher - Multiple System Images

This article describes steps necessary to mitigate extra administrative work when using the Epic Games Launcher with Multiple System Images.


Multiple System Images are in use at a given center. When installing or updating Epic Games Launcher or its game library on one system image, the launcher is unable to locate the game library on the other system image.


  1. Boot up a Machine running one of the system images with which you intend to utilize the Epic Games Launcher.


  2. Install the Epic Games Launcher per the Recommended Game Launcher Configuration guide.


  3. Install a game of your choosing (refer to steps 11-15 of the Recommended Game Launcher Configuration guide for Epic Games Launcher.


  4. Move (do not copy) the following folders into G:\Launchers\Epic Games\:






    NOTE 1:

    The above folder paths include environment variables which will expand to the correct path in your unique environment. Please copy and paste them into a Windows File Explorer address bar to locate them easily, then navigate up a directory to easily move the folder from its current location.


    NOTE 2:

    This process of moving the folders is only necessary one time after the Epic Games Launcher is installed.


    NOTE 3:

    The final path for each of the moved directories will be:

    G:\Launchers\Epic Games\EpicGamesLauncher

    G:\Launchers\Epic Games\Epic


  5. Observe that the directories no longer exist in %PROGRAMDATA% or %LOCALAPPDATA%, but do exist within G:\Launchers\Epic Games\.