Bring Your Own Server FAQ

In order to give ggCircuit customers the best experience possible it is recommended that centers utilizing ggRock image management software rely on a ggCircuit-supplied & configured server.

Q: My IT team says they can just build one with spare parts.


ggCircuit-provided servers are tested to ensure hardware compatibility.  We cannot say the same for every server or every hardware component out there.  The underlying Debian Linux 11 operating system has its own requirements, and some hardware manufacturers may not have drivers released for this platform.  Additionally, there may be other underlying bugs or issues with your particular hardware that would only be apparent under the amount of testing that has collectively happened with every ggCircuit-provided server.

Q: My school is a Dell campus and we HAVE to use them to supply hardware if it's going to be in the campus network.


Please follow the hardware selection guide linked above. ggCircuit will not review individual hardware components not purchased through ggCircuit.  

Q: I come from a tech background and know someone who can build it for me - can you just configure that?


Absolutely! We offer this service. Please ask your account manager for pricing. The above-linked hardware guide should be followed when selecting components.. Also, please understand that ggCircuit is not responsible for the performance of the hardware components that you use. This is why it is highly suggested that a full server build is purchased directly from ggCircuit in order to guarantee compatibility and performance. We will not review individual hardware components purchased outside of ggCircuit.

Q:  We have a former ccBoot server - will that work?



Q: Your services are USA-based but my center is in XYZ country - between taxes and import costs, it is too expensive.


ggCircuit has partnered with various international hardware suppliers to provide the best price for the overall solution.

Q: Can’t I just use one of my other PCs as the server?


While this might be acceptable for a proof of concept, all components must meet or exceed the ggRock server specifications outlined above. To provide the best gaming experience to your customers, enterprise-grade equipment is always recommended.

Q: If we purchase the ggRock server from ggCircuit, we are concerned about ggCircuit having administrative access to our network.  Is that something that's needed?  Or can we toggle on/off access as needed when you contact us to do updates?

A: Our access is limited to the ggRock server itself and nothing beyond it.  Access is granted to a single internet-facing IP address (see the site prep guide for more details) for two TCP ports, and that access is controlled on our end via VPN and 2-factor authentication to both that VPN and to the facilities that grant access to the server.  Without access to the ggRock web interface and Debian control panel, we will be unable to fulfill the managed services agreement.

Q: I’m trying to make ggRock work based on the directions you guys have online but I keep running into errors when trying to deploy and test it. How can I be sure that your server won’t be any different from what I’m working with now?

A: All ggRock servers purchased from and provided by ggCircuit are tested before installation. ggCircuit employees a full support staff to help you with any issues that may arise after the installation of your ggRock server.  We are committed to ensuring that your experience with our products is as seamless and hassle-free as possible. ggCircuit has configured and installed over 300 ggRock servers globally.