ggRock Site Preparation

This document outlines center infrastructure and configuration requirements for a new ggRock site.

Hardware Preparation

Physical Space Requirements

  • 1U-2U of rack space
  • 12U Rack to support edge, switches, UPS, ggRock server, and surge protection equipment

Electrical Requirements

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (At least 1000VA)

Typical installation merits connection of just the ggRock server to the UPS, however your organization's requirements may require additional capacity on the UPS to support network equipment.

  • Electrical Connectivity

Dependent upon server selected and country of destination, typically redundant power supplies are provided so at least two power connections should be planned for.  Depending on your organization's needs, you may elect to add an additional UPS to provide two fully redundant power sources to your server.

ggCircuit will typically only plug the ggRock server itself into the supplied UPS.  Networking gear should be planned for and provided for via another UPS.

Network Preparation

Physical Network Connection

  • 10, 25, or 40 Gigabit mandatory for server network connection
  • At least 1 Gigabit mandatory for client network connection
  • Dependent upon server selected, typically SFP+. 
  • Server configurations shipped by ggCircuit will be SFP+ with an included twinax cable for connection to your infrastructure


To ensure optimal network throughput, you should utilize the included SFP+ connection and twinax cable.  Do not utilize the onboard networking of the server for ggRock servers.

Network Configuration

Managed Services Customers - Remote Management

Ensure the following ports are open to the ggCircuit Corporate VPN Gateway:


TCP 443
TCP 9090

Source IP address:

Advanced Network Configuration (PXE Across Subnets)

If the needs of your facility require your ggRock server to be located on a different network segment than the gaming machines, please let our staff know so that we can ensure your server is configured appropriately.

Network Requirements

  • Ideally the ggRock server and client machines will be on the same network segment.  If you require a multi-vlan configuration, please contact support for assistance in making configuration changes to this server.
  • Disable STP (Spanning Tree)
  • Disable DHCP snooping
  • Disable flow control
  • Configure DHCP reservations or set MAC address-based assignments
  • Server minimum network connection speed: 10 gigabit
  • Client minimum network connection speed: 1 gigabit
  • Ensure that you have one external IP address for every machine, and also for the server.

ggLeap and ggRock Network Communication Requirements