ggRock Site Network Preparation

Configuration and infrastructure recommendations for use with a new ggRock server.

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Hardware Preparation

Electrical Recommendations

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
    • Tested and recommended by ggCircuit Professional Services:
      CyberPower OR1500LCDRT2U
    • UPS should be used solely for your ggRock server but please follow your own organization's requirements if any apply.
  • Multiple server power supply units for redundancy 
    • Used with a UPS please ensure that each power supply unit is connected to a different battery in that unit or a different UPS entirely.

Network Preparation

Physical Network Recommendations

  • A minimum of a single 10 Gigabit connection between the server and primary switch.
    • Supporting switches used will also need to match this minimum connection (eg. A single 10 Gigatibt connection between the primary switch and secondary switch)
    • 25 or 40 Gigabit connections are recommended for servers supporting a larger number of client connections
  • At least 1 Gigabit mandatory for client network connection
  • SFP+ is the most common 10G connector used on ggRock servers and supporting switches
  • Servers should never utilize a traditional 1 Gigabit port outside of testing purposes. Clients will see a noticeable increase in boot and program load times.

Network Configuration Recommendations

  • The ideal environment for a ggRock server will be with the server and client PCs on the same network segment.
    • ggRock can operate across multiple subnets. Versions newer than support this feature via the ggRock web UI. Under Settings > Network > Multiple Networks support
  • DHCP Server independent of ggRock
    • ggRock operates as a proxy DHCP server and cannot be the main DHCP server
  • Ensure the following settings are off/disabled
    • Flow Control
    • DHCP options 66-68
    • DHCP snooping
    • Spanning Tree Protocol
      • STP is optional but has been known to cause network boot timeout issues

Optional (Strongly Recommended)

  • DHCP reservations or set MAC address-based assignments for IP addresses
    • This will assist in preventing possible DHCP pool exhaustion.
  • A 1:1 public address for each client PC and the ggRock server
    • Game launchers like Epic Games may see multiple attempts/requests for user login from a single public address and temporarily block further requests from that public address for an undetermined amount of time.


Managed Services Client Requirements

In order to perform daily game and monthly operating system maintenance to fulfill the terms of the managed services agreement, our team will require access to two HTTPS-secured ports (443 and 9090) to the ggRock server.  Please make sure the necessary firewall rules are in place to allow this communication to occur.

ggRock Ports(Outbound):

TCP 443
TCP 9090

Managed Services IP address: