Booting Many ggRock Machines at Once Results in a large portion of the PCs not loading data on boot (files missing on System and Games drives)


Restarting numerous PCs, all load normally, however some are missing data (missing files from Games or System image drives in Windows).


1. Access the Grafana logging facility


Refer to the Stats Article for information on how to access the Grafana logging facility to monitor performance of your ggRock Server.

2. If you have enabled VMs on your ggRock server, set the network log to vmbr0 for the network interface, otherwise select the appropriate network interface from the list which causes the Network Traffic graph to display information

3. Confirm that the Total RAM value reflects the installed amount of RAM in your server, a failing RAM module or north/south bridge chipset could cause loss of data during the boot process of your systems. If this is the issue, hardware repairs may be needed. Once repairs have been completed, attempt booting systems again to see if the issue is now resolved, otherwise proceed to step 4.

4. Visit the ggRock RAM Settings and double the amount of RAM that is reserved for the server. Attempt booting systems again to see if the issue is now resolved.


Refer to the for information on how to modify ggRock settings such as the RAM Settings.

Additional Information

The underlying technologies that ggRock is based on heavily rely on the RAM of the server for temporary storage (writebacks) of systems that are online, or in the process of booting. If RAM fails or is otherwise corrupted due to hardware issues, or is paged out of the server RAM to disk (page file), performance issues or otherwise loss of data and/or system instability may occur.