Server Stats

This article describes the "Stats" tab within the ggRock Web UI.

Accessing Grafana

1. Click the "Stats" tab at the top-right corner of the ggRock Web UI.

2. The Grafana login screen is displayed.

Enter the default initial username and password:

  • Default Username: admin

  • Default Password: admin

3. Upon successful first log-in (if this is your first time accessing the Stats facility), enter a new password of your choosing for security purposes, otherwise proceed to step 4.

4. The ggRock staff have provided a default set of Basic Metrics.

Basic Metrics


One statistic in particular to keep an eye on over time is RAM cache hits. It should show a varied load with a lot of access to different parts of the disk, which causes ggRock to reconsider what it caches quite often. As long as the average RAM cache hits is over 80% you are in good shape. If your RAM cache hits are on average less than 80% it may be necessary to contact support for remediation through software or hardware configuration changes.


The total time your ggRock server operating system has been booted.

Total RAM

The total amount of memory (RAM) detected by your ggRock server operating system.

Current Load

  • CPU Usage - Instantaneous CPU load.

  • IO Delay - The percentage of time that the CPU(s) are idle, but the system has pending disk I/O Requests. High IO Delay can result in degraded performance.

  • RAM Usage - Instantaneous RAM usage. Ideally RAM should be close to 100% utilization as it is used as temporary storage for all ggRock-managed systems.

  • SWAP Usage - When the system RAM is full, Swap space on the slower disk storage is used to store memory data that is not actively in use. High swap usage can severely impact ggRock performance.

  • Root FS Usage - The root (/) filesystem is essential to basic functionality of your ggRock server. Ensure the root volume does not fill up.

CPU Usage

A chart of CPU usage and IO Delay over the last three hours.

Memory Usage

A chart of Total RAM and RAM Usage over the last three hours.

CPU Cores

The total number of CPU cores presented to the ggRock server operating system.

CPU Frequency

The CPU frequency detected by the ggRock server operating system.

Network Traffic

Data transmitted and received in Megabytes per Second over the last three hours.

Disk IOps

Disk reads and writes (in operations per second) over the last three hours.

Disk I/O Usage Read/Write

Disk data read/written in Mebibytes over the last three hours.

RAM Cache Usage

ZFS Adaptive Replacement Cache maximum size and usage in Gibibytes over the last three hours.

RAM Cache Hits

The usage of the ZFS Adaptive Replacement Cache gives a general idea of whether it is being used efficiently. If your RAM cache hits tend to be lower than 80% it is in general a good idea to contact support for optimization suggestions.