Activity Tracker overview

Know what's going on in your center with this feature.

The Activity Tracker is a real-time, full audit trail of what is happening in your esports center location. It allows you to see all actions made by users, employees, PCs, and the ggLeap system. The Activity Tracker allows you to go back and evaluate things that have happened in your store. Some examples may be to evaluate statistics, prizes redeemed, incidents that occurred, or potential employee mistakes.

Activity Tracker Filters

The Activity Tracker filters allow you to focus on just the information you need. There is a multitude of options for you to choose from. Select from a date range, an employee, user, computer, action, and more.

CSV Download

Any list of activity tracker records can be downloaded by clicking the "Download CSV" button on the upper right. This will save the activity tracker data to a CSV file so that it can be opened in a spreadsheet program.