Activity Tracker filters overview

The filter function of the Activity Tracker will enable you to review events in your center with ease.


Click the expand button to access activity tracker filters.

Activity Tracker filters

The following are the categories that can filtered in the Activity Tracker. 

Start Date, Start Time, End Date & End Time
These filters allow you to choose a custom date and time range for the information you want to see within the activity tracker.

Category will give you the the option to look specifically for the offer/product that you want to review.

Initially you will have the categories, "Offers, Snacks, Prizes and Tournament Tickets". However, you can create additional categories you would like and they will get added into the drop down.

The "Employee" filter will allow you to view all your employee's activity while they are on shift. Multiple employees can be utilized in your search.

The "Users" filter will allow you to view all the user's activity such as: login/logout, purchase time, device used. Multiple users can be utilized in your search.

The "Computer" filter will allow you to see the actions that were done on a computer based on a time period. This is good for information surrounding PC issues, who was on the computer, when, what applications were launched, etc.

Additional Filters
Added Balance - Money is added to a user account.
Added Offer - Offer is added to a user account.
Added Time - When time (legacy mode) is added to an account.
Admin Mode - When a PC was put into admin mode (Windows) and by whom.
Approved Agreement - When the GDPR agreement was completed by a parent/guardian for an underage customer.
Changed Guest Session Time - When an employee changes a guest session's time.
Client Order Cancelled - A client order was cancelled by an employee.
Client Order Completed - A client order was completed, this will include a "Transaction" link to review what has been ordered.
Client Order Placed - When a user placed a client order from the user interface.
Closed Application - When a user closes an application and what application it was.
Created Device - When a "Console" device has been created.
Created User - When an employee creates a user from web admin.
Deleted Employee - When a center admin deletes an employee.
Deleted User - When an employee deletes a user.
Deleted Agreement - When GDPR agreement has been deleted.
Deleted Device - When a "Console" device was removed.
Edited User - When a user's information was edited.
Ended Shift - When an employee ends his/her shift.
Failed Login - When a user attempts to login but failed.
Failed Remote Login - When an employee attempts to login a user to a PC from the web admin but failed.
Finalized Guest Session - An employee completed a guest session.
Guest Logged In - When an employee logs in a guest to a PC using web admin.
Guest Logged Out - When a guest logs out of a PC.
High School Created - When an employee adds a new high school.
High School Deleted - When an employee deletes a high school.
High School Updated - When an employee updates a high school's information.
High School Verified - When an employee verifies a high school.
Launched Application - When and what an application was launched.
Logged In - When a customer logged into ggLeap PC.
Logged In Remotely - When a customer was logged in to a PC using web admin.
Logged Out - When a customer logged out of ggLeap PC.
Logged Out Remotely - When a customer was logged out of a PC using web admin.
Machine State Updated - Shows the state of the machine. e.g. shut down, restart, starting up, ready for user, etc.
Membership Purchased - When a customer's membership has been changed.
Notification Read - When an employee reads a ggLeap notification.
Password Reset - A password reset was applied by an employee to a user account.
Post-pay Order Paid - When a post-pay order has been completed.
Refund Performed - A refund was given to a customer.
Remote Access - When someone remotes a PC using team viewer.
Removed Offer - An offer was removed from a customer's account and potentially a refund amount was given.
Renamed Machine - A PC has been renamed using the web admin.
Restart Computer- A PC has been restarted.
Sale Cancelled - When a sale has been cancelled by employee.
Sale Performed - When A transaction has been completed.
Shutdown Computer - A PC has been shutdown via web admin.
Spent Coins - When a user claims a prize.
Started Shift - An employee started a shift.

Stripe membership purchased or auto Renewed - Transactions made with Stripe payment method.
Submitted Agreement - A GDPR agreement request to accept.
Updated device - When a console info has been changed.
Updated PC Consoles Group - When a PC or consoles group was updated.