About ggRock - Table of Contents

Table of Contents This article serves as a table of contents for introductory to simplify navigation of these sections.

About ggRock

Articles in this section contain general information about ggRock and its usage.

How ggRock works

This article describes basic of ggRock diskless boot system, it's core concepts and absolute basics for beginners

How Writebacks and Snapshots Work

This article describes basics of ggRock diskless boot system, specifically how Writebacks and Snapshots are used to manage the Image changes

ggRock FAQ

This FAQ document is provided to try and address several common questions about ggRock.

ggRock Licensing

This article describes general licensing information as well as license restrictions within ggRock

Requirements and Recommendations

Articles in this section contain hardware recommendations, configuration recommendations, as well as general product-related questions.

ggRock Hardware Requirements and Hardware FAQ

This article helps the users make a right choice when it comes to hardware.

ggRock Hardware Recommendations

Contains recommendations for use of ggRock, as well of the type of hardware for usage with PXE/iSCSI (diskless) boot servers.

ggRock Hardware Specifications

This document contains only the essential server specifications for centers to use ggRock.