ggRock Licensing

This article describes general licensing information as well as license restrictions within ggRock.

Basic Licensing Concepts

There are two options specific to ggRock:

  • Paid ggRock subscription. Recurring monthly or annual subscription to Tier 2 support, providing access to our Tier 2 support staff and developers for advanced troubleshooting

  • Pioneer privileges. Both ggLeap and ggRock started out with a Pioneer monetization model, allowing centers to pay a certain sum up-front to get support as well as a perpetual discount for all future subscription costs. It has: Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers. ggLeap Pioneers are grandfathered into ggRock, but not the other way around

Licensing Restrictions

  • Each ggRock license is for a dedicated amount of Machines for one location. You can have several servers, as well as a failover server all using the same license - just make sure that the grand total of Machines and VMs does not exceed the license limit

  • Your ggRock server must have an active internet connection to function. There is a 72 hours period of Offline operability in case of any issues with ggCircuit backend infrastructure or other segments of the Internet

  • If your internet connection goes down, it must be restored within 72 hours or ggRock functionality will be reduced. Currently running Machines will continue to operate, but new Machines won't boot

  • If your ggRock license expires, product functionality will cease until the license is re-activated, much in the same way as when you will run out of 72 hours

License Components

Subscription Status

Active - Internet connection is active, license is current

Offline, 62:43:32 left - indicates that the product will cease functionality in 62 hours, 43 minutes, and 32 seconds unless internet connection is restored

License Inactive - Expired - indicates that your center's subscription to ggRock has expired - please contact sales in order to renew your license.

Subscription Type

Regular - No dedicated support

Paid - Paid support subscription

Pioneer Levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) - These levels are from initial backers of the product which were available during the Pioneer phase

ggRock Machines

The number of Machines your center is licensed for

ggRock VMs

The number of Virtual Machines your center is licensed for

Expiration Date

The expiration date of your subscription

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