Web -dmin Settings Overview

Information on features of the web admin that can be toggled on/off.

To access this in the web admin, go to Settings > Web-admin settings.

Shortcut Link: https://admin.ggleap.com/settings/web-admin

User Interface

Night Mode - This changes the display of the entire web admin UI to a dark/night theme.
Blur Important Notifications - This will blur the screen when there is a notification.
Show Help On All Pages - This will hide the purple help chat widget everywhere else except in the webadmin dashboard


Add Time - Legacy Mode - This will allow custom time to be added to a user's account.
Show receipt after sale - This will enable the receipt screen to show up after completing a transaction.
Use cart for quick sale - Quick sale will have to be processed in the checkout screen if this is enabled.
Display out of stock or invalid items on quick sell - This will show items in quick sell that are already out of stock.


Consoles enabled - This will allow console time tracking in the Dashboard.
Display health bar for each console user - This will show the time gauge in the console nodes for a graphical view in the Dashboard.
Side menu

Guest enabled - This will allow guest sessions for PC rental and will also add "Guest" on the left side of the web admin.


Crypto Enabled - Enables ggCrypto for your center. This will add "ggCrypto" on the left side of the web admin for you to access ggCrypto settings.