Web admin settings overview

Information on features of the web admin that can be toggled on/off.

To access this in the web admin, go to Settings > Web-admin settings.

User Interface

Night Mode - This changes the display of the entire web admin UI to a dark/night theme.
Blur Important Notifications - This will blur the screen when there is a notification.
Games video links disabled - Disables video in the games description page in the client.
Download ggTools - Clicking this will download the ggPrinter installer.


Add Time - Legacy Mode - This will allow custom time to be added to a user's account.
Show receipt after sale - This will enable the receipt screen to show up after completing a transaction.
Use cart for quick sale - Quick sale will have to be processed in the checkout screen if this is enabled.
Display out of stock or invalid items on quicksell - This will show items in quicksell that are already out of stock.


Consoles enabled - This will allow console time tracking in the Dashboard.
Display health bar for each console user - This will show the time gauge in the console nodes for graphical view in the Dashboard.

Side menu

Guest enabled - This will allow guest sessions for PC rental and will also add "Guest" on the left side of the web admin.
Slider enabled - This will enable the creation of sliders and will also add "Slider" in Center Config menu.


Enables ggCrypto for your center. This will add "ggCrypto" on the left side of the web admin for you to access ggCrypto settings.