Utilizing the reservation system

The PC reservation feature will ensure that a PC (or several PCs) will be ready for your customers when they arrive at your center. It is perfect for setting up events and parties that will require several available PCs in your center.

List view

-To reserve an individual PC, click the three dots button located on the far right side of the selected PC.
-On the drop-down menu, select Schedule PC reservation.

-To reserve several PCs, make sure to click the PCs to select them. Then look for the menu on the top of the PC list and select Schedule PC reservation.


NOTE: Performing actions on multiple PCs only works in List view


-Fill in the date, time, and lock reason (e.g. reserved for Fortnite tournament) in the pop-up window. Check "Lock pc 5 minutes prior" if you want to lock the PC 5 minutes earlier. Click "Save" to complete the reservation process.


-After saving the reservation, the client PC will show how much time is left before the PC goes to locked status.

Graphical view

-To reserve an individual PC, click the PC node and select Ready > Advanced > Schedule PC reservation.