University AtHome

Overview of the University AtHome web admin.


The Users tab of the Dashboard shows the users that are currently online or offline in AtHome client. You can send direct message to the users by clicking the "Send message" button.

The Invites tab will enable you to upload (import) a .csv file of your users' email list or add their email one by one via the "+ Add email" button. Once the user's email is added to the web admin, you can invite them via the "Send Invites" button.

The top portion of the Dashboard is the user statistics. It contains data at a quick glance of online users, activated users, invites and number of users that have opted-in in an available event.


Events section will allow you to check any ongoing or past events in Explore tab. You may create or copy an event via the Events tab.



Center Information

This is where you will put your university's general information (address, contact details, etc.).


This is the section where you can set up how the AtHome client will look in the perspective of a user. For more information on how to set this up, click here.


Language selection page. Currently, only the web admin's language can be changed.


This section is where you can add administrators and change their level of access. Please check this article for more information.

Note that only the following employee privileges are supported for the administrators of the University AtHome web admin:

Can invite users to AtHome

Can reset user password

Can update user

Can delete user

Can edit center config

Can manage center events

Can undelete users

Can manage employees

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