Stock control overview

Stock control overview Use this feature to monitor availability of products being sold in your center.

We can set the stock limit of each product or offer that we have in Stock Control. We can access it in our web admin by going to Settings > Shop settings > Stock Control.

Main Stock Control page

This is an example of what we will see upon accessing the Stock Control page.

Here we will see a list of categories such as Offers, Snacks, Prizes, Tournament, Tickets, and Package Deals. Any custom categories will show up here as well.

Here is an example of what we will see when we select a product:

In this example, we have selected "Black Coffee". 

To edit the stock count, simply set the amount in the Currently In Stock field on the left side. Setting a number in Warning Limit will inform you that the stock of this particular item needs to be replenished once the stock count reaches that number. Click the "Save" button to update the stock count.

Viewing the Stock Control by category/sub-category

If we have lots of offers or products, we can specifically go to each category to narrow down our search for the specific offers/products that we want to set the stock limit. In this example, we went to "Snacks" Category > "Hot Drinks" Sub-category > Black Coffee

Stock indicators


This is what a stock/item looks like when it has reached the Warning limit.

This is what a stock/item looks like when it has reached  Out of Stock.

This symbol will also show up on the left side of each item in the stock control that has reached the Warning limit or if the stocks were exhausted.

NOTE: We will only see the products or offers that we did not set as "Unlimited Stock" when we created the product or offer.