Square integration with ggLeap

Step by step guide on how to create a Square account and how to integrate it with ggLeap.

Square account creation process

  1. Go to squareup.com and click Sign In on the upper right side of the page.

  2. Click "Sign up" to begin creating a Square account.

  3. In the next screen, enter the information needed and click "Continue".

  4. The next page will be about your business information. Enter all the pertinent information and click "Continue".


  5. Once you get to the Dashboard section, you will be given a brief tutorial about the platform. Click the "Setup Guide" button to complete your Square account.
    *Make sure to go through all the steps in the Setup Guide in order for Square to accept and register payments from ggLeap.


  6. Once you have completed setting up your Square account continue below to integrate your Square account with ggLeap.


How to integrate Square with ggLeap

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Square

  2. Click the "Set up Square integration" button


  3. On the pop-out modal, click the "Login to my Square Account" button


  4. A pop-out browser will open to notify you that "ggLeap wants access to your Square Account", click "Allow" button


  5. Click "Next" in the Set up Square integration modal

  6. Select the location that you want to use (if you only have one location in your Square account, it will automatically select it)


  7. Under Export information to Square, select which options you would like to export to Square

    1. Export all users - This will export all registered users from the web admin.

    2. Export all active users after specific date - This will export users after a specific date.

    3. Export all offers - This will export all offers from the inventory catalog.*

    4. Export all products - This will export all products from the inventory catalog.*
      *Do not tick these options if you prefer to export only specific items to the Square inventory.


  8. Enable "Add all future active users" if you want newly created users to be exported to Square


Export items from ggLeap to Square

Manual export procedure in case you want to export specific items only or if you have new items that you would like to export to Square.

  1. In the web admin go to Settings -> Shop settings -> Shop Configuration.

  2. Look for the item that you would like to export to Square and click it to open the item settings.

  3. On the bottom part of the modal, click the "Export to Square" button.


  4. Go to Square, refresh the page, and click Items on the left side panel.

  5. Click Item Library on the upper left and check the item list.


  6. If the item is not yet in Square, refresh the page and check the item list again.