Slow machines and freezes - Network Cable Issue


When booting several clients at once, or performing tasks that require large amounts of bandwidth (e.g. updating games), performance is slow on ggRock Client Machines.


Check that the network cables the server and clients are plugged in with are not damaged. If necessary, replace the cable that the server and at least one test Machine are connected to the network switch with.

Following the ggRock Stats Guide, please confirm whether your server is able to provide adequate bandwidth to your Machines.

If your server never uses more than 100Mbps in bandwidth according to the Network Traffic graph, this is an indication of one of the following:

  • Faulty network cable (server-side) (replace network cable)

  • Faulty network cable (client-side) (replace network cable)

  • Misconfigured server NIC (check that the driver for the NIC is installed in Debian)

  • Server plugged into a 100Mbps network port (plug into a 1000Mbps port)