Sending a message to Patrons

This article details processes necessary to send a message to patrons of your center.

Solution 1

Utilize the "Player Notifications" functionality, which sends a non-intrusive message to patrons.

This message, by nature, will not be visible until a gaming session is ended and the patron has clicked on the notification bell icon in the ggLeap client interface.

Solution 2

Implement a custom Client Application to send notifications to patrons.  This will cause a message box to appear on the screen of any machines the command is sent to.


This type of message is intrusive and will interrupt the gaming session, so it is important to use this option sparingly, at your discretion.

1. Navigate to Settings > Client Configuration > Advanced.

2. Within the "Client applications" section, click the "Add new application" button.

3. Within the "Name", "Path", and "Parameters" fields, enter the following information, then click the "Save" button.


Message User




"about:<script>alert('YOUR MESSAGE HERE');close()</script>"

4. From the "Dashboard" tab, click on any Machine, then navigate to Ready > Advanced > Launch remote application.

5. From the "Launch remote application" window, select the "Other" radio button for "Application type", then select your newly-created Client application from the list, then click the "Confirm" button to send the message.


You may customize the message text by replacing YOUR MESSAGE HERE with your desired text.

6. Observe the "HTML Application" pop-up dialog box on Machines that have been targeted with the message.

Additional Information

Some clients have reported the ability to send speech-t0-text audible notifications over player headsets, but it should be noted that your mileage may vary and this may not work for you depending on your configuration.

"javascript:close((V=(v=new ActiveXObject('SAPI.SpVoice')).GetVoices()).count&&v.Speak('YOUR TEXT HERE'))"