Report Configuration Overview

This article provides information about the Report Configuration section.

To access Report Configuration, go to Settings > Center config > Report Configuration.

1. Start of day is the starting time for a report in a day. If the start of day is set to 9:05 AM, the daily report will end at 9:04 AM on the next day. 

2. Start of the week is the day which the report will start each week. If start of week is set to Thursday and start of day is set to 9:05 am, the weekly report will end at Thursday at 9:04 AM next week. 

3. Ignore all data before hides all the data and transactions from the Activity Tracker and Statistics before that date.

4. Shift mode - 'None' disables shift requirements. 'Normal' requires a shift only for financial actions. 'Strict' requires a shift for all admin activity.

5. Reporting mailing list is the list of emails that will receive the daily report. The reports will be sent on the time set in Start of day.

NOTE: Don't forget to click "Save changes" after making any changes in order for it to take effect.