[Advanced] PXE Boot Across Subnets

PXE Boot Across Subnets This article details a request to configure ggRock Machine Boot in a more advanced scenario with multiple network segments/VLANs/Subnets.


Clients exist on multiple subnets

In a more advanced network configuration, there may be clients on multiple subnets.


  1. Update (or create if it does not exist) the ggRock config file at the following location, disabling the default gateway in the boot script:
It should contain following JSON:
{ "ServerConfiguration": {"BootDefaultGateway": "None"}}
Entering this command will NOT overwrite the contents of the file, but will rather append the data (with a new line), so it may be necessary to utilize a text editor such as nano to correct the file if this command is entered more than once, or if an error is made in the input.
Then create:
Add this with relevant network information, taking into account the network address and network mask of each subnet you wish to permit PXE boot from.
2. Restart the ggRock Server Application, and the ggRock Web Server.
systemctl restart ggrock
systemctl restart nginx

Additional Information

In some cases, a custom dnsmasq configuration may be required.


If the above configuration does not function on your network topology, please reach out to us via web support chat, or at support@ggcircuit.com for further assistance.