[Advanced] PXE Boot Across Subnets

PXE Boot Across Subnets This article details a request to configure ggRock Machine Boot in a more advanced scenario with multiple network segments/VLANs/Subnets.


Clients exist on multiple subnets

In a more advanced network configuration, there may be clients on multiple subnets.


  1. Update (or create if it does not exist) the ggRock config file at:
and disable the default gateway in the boot script by entering the following JSON:
{ "ServerConfiguration": {"BootDefaultGateway": "None"}}
2. Restart the ggRock Server Application:
 systemctl restart ggrock

Additional Information

In some cases, a custom dnsmasq configuration may be required.


If the above configuration does not function on your network topology, please reach out to us via web support chat, or at support@ggcircuit.com for further assistance.