Powering on all Machines in the center only results in a few being turned on

Powering on multiple systems


When powering on all machines, only a few of them successfully boot.

Solution 1

The best solution to this problem is to configure your DHCP server on your using DHCP reservations such that the same address is handed out to each computer every time they boot. Please reach out to the ggCircuit SpecOps division for additional assistance with this process.

Solution 2

  1. Confirm the number of available IP addresses on the router/DHCP server.

  2. Increase available addresses by expanding the lease space to at least twice the number of available machines.

  3. Attempt powering on all machines again.

Solution 3

  1. Reduce DHCP lease time to a short value (e.g. boot time of a single system).

  2. Attempt powering on all machines again.

Solution 4

Utilize the Wake on Lan functionality of ggRock to power on systems in batches.

  1. Click the checkbox next to the systems you wish to power on.


  2. Click the "Power On Selected" button at the top of the ggRock Machines tab.

3. Wait for the first batch to complete the boot process before powering on the next batch.

Additional Information

Depending on the solution you choose, it may be necessary to spend additional money on IP addresses if your center permits each PC to have its own external address.

Be aware that reducing your DHCP lease time can result in additional DHCP traffic, and if your DHCP server is not robust enough this can cause further issues.

Powering on systems in batches can be cumbersome with enough systems in place, however ggRock offers the ability to remotely power on systems using wake-on-lan so this can be alleviated.