PCs perceived as duplicates after cloning fix

Our initial recommendation would be not to clone PCs with ggLeap already installed. It would be a better idea just to have the ggLeap installer on the desktop and just install the client after the cloning process.

However, if you have already cloned PCs with ggLeap installed, you can do the following steps:

1. Select the PCs in the Dashboard and choose Advanced > Admin mode (this should appear above the PC list after selecting PCs). You can also use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U on the PC and then enter your credentials to put it in Admin mode.

2. After unlocking the PC into Admin mode, go into Task Manager and close the process ClientInterface.

3. Open the File Explorer and delete the folder C:/programdata/ggLeap.


4. In the Dashboard, select the PCs that are affected and select More actions > Delete (this should appear above the PC list after selecting the PCs).

5. Restart the PC. Upon restart, it should ask you for your center login/password.


6. After the credentials have been verified, you should be able to assign the desired PC name to that machine.