Inviting players to use AtHome

This guide will cover how you can invite your customers to use AtHome client in their gaming PCs. There are 3 ways to send the invite to your users: via an email marketing program (e.g. Mailchimp), regular email and social media.

As a word of advice, please send email by batches to avoid getting flagged as spam.

To begin, click "AtHome" on the left side panel and go to Invites tab.

Sending invite by email marketing program

You can download the entire list of your users with by clicking "Export all emails" button. It will export a CSV file that can be imported into the marketing program of your choice.

Regular email application

You may also opt to send invites using a mailing app in your PC. To do this, simply select the user that you want to invite into using AtHome, then click "Email invite" button on the top of the user list.

Alternatively, you can click the "more options" (three dots) button at the rightmost side and select "Send email".

Doing either of the above steps will open the default mailing app in your PC (additional configuration of the mailing app may apply). From there on, you should be able to send the invite to the user.

NOTE: You may only send one invite at a time when using the regular email application method.

Social media option

This is by far the easiest method of sending invite to your users. All it requires is that your center has a social media account or community forum where the users are actively engaging.

SImply click "Share invite" button and it will open an email template that you can copy and paste to your social media or community platform of your choice. You can also modify and customize the text as needed.