How to set up Post Pay

This article will show you how to enable the Post Pay function and set credit limit so you can let users purchase offers or snacks without having any balance in their account.

-Go to Settings > Center config > Financial Configuration.

-Under Post-pay section, toggle the Post-pay switch to enable it. It should turn blue once enabled.

-Set the credit limit under Post-pay credit limit. This will be the default credit limit for all users unless overridden with a specific amount in the user's profile.


-In order to override the default credit limit for a specific user, set an amount under Post pay credit limit during new user registration.

-For existing users, you need to open the user's profile and click "Edit user details" button. Then enter the Post pay credit limit for that user and click "Save".

-All post-pay order will show up in Awaiting Payments tab in Orders section of the web admin. A user who has not paid any outstanding dues can have their profile locked in this section by clicking the menu () > Lock Account.

-The locked account can be seen in the Post-Pay (Locked) tab.