How to remote access ggLeap Client

Remote access enables the center admins and/or the ggLeap support staff to access the ggLeap PCs that are connected to the network at any time. This increases the center admins productivity and enables ggLeap support to better collaborate with them.

Prerequisites for ggLeap Client version below 2.3862.0.3868:

  • Teamviewer must be installed in this path from the client PC

    C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe
  • Teamviewer must be installed on the PC where we will remote the client PC/s

  • Can remote access PC Employee permission is required

How to remote access ggLeap Client:

  1. Login from the WebAdmin

  2. From the PC dashboard, left-click the PC > Click Advanced > Click Remote Access 

  3. Wait for the modal to appear, and press the "Full Image" button  

  4. Copy the Teamviewer ID and Password

  5. Launch Teamviewer from the PC where you will remote control the client PC

  6. Paste the Partner ID to the Partner ID field

  7. Click the Connect button

  8. Enter the Password then click the Log On button

  9. Wait for TeamViewer to successfully connect



  • If you are using version 2.3862.0.3868 or higher, please check if one these paths exist in your OS's registry:

      • Value Name: InstallationDirectory
      • Value Name: InstallationDirectory
    • If one of them exists, pls check if the value (Path, where Teamviewer is installed, is correct) from InstallationDirectory is correct.