How to process orders from Client

If a gamer places an order via the client, the web admin will play the "Order Accepted" audio voice alert.

Click "Orders" to proceed to order.

The summary of the order is in the "All Orders" tab as shown the three dots [Ellipsis] and choose "View Transaction" for full details. An order that appears in the "All Orders" section REQUIRES the staff to either deliver an item or collect cash from the customer.

Customers may also purchase gaming time directly from the PC. If customers purchase an offer from their account using their balance, the staff member does not need to do anything:

No action from staff is required in this case:


Customers can pay for snacks through the PC for the staff to deliver, or simply pay on delivery. Regardless of the combination, the client orders section of the website (as well as the activity tracker) should have all current and historical information.