How to Install ggLeap to ggRock Machine

This article describes steps necessary to install the ggLeap client to a ggRock Machine.


Login to the ggLeap webadmin and download the ggLeap installer.

  • Login to the ggRock Web UI and enable the "Keep Writebacks" setting on the machine where we are going to install ggLeap.

  • Turn on this machine

  • Run the ggLeap installer that was downloaded from the webadmin

  • Enter your webadmin employee credentials (employee should have Can connect machines permission)

  • You will be asked to assign a name to this PC

  • The PC will connect to ggLeap servers

  • This PC should now show up in your webadmin dashboard, then the PC will reboot.

  • ggLeap will now start in shell mode, and will download all the required files.

  • You may shutdown the machine when you see the login page.

  • Go back to ggRock UI, or Webadmin and shut down this machine.


  • From the ggRock Web UI, select apply writebacks in the context menu of the system you just shut down

Add comment to the writeback and click apply.

  • Turn on the the other machines and assign their PC names when they boot up the first time.