How to enable Shift Mode for Employees

If your center tracks employee shifts, this is where you decide the requirements.

How to enable Shift Mode for Employees 

1. To access the "Shift Mode" settings go to Settings > Center Config > Report Configuration.

  • Shift mode "None" turns off the ability to do employee shift reports.

  • Shift mode "Normal" requires an employee to start a shift in order to do any financial actions.

  • Shift mode "Strict" requires an employee to have a shift for any activity done within the web admin.

2. Click the radio button of the Shift mode option that you want to select.

3. Be sure to click the "Save changes" button to apply the setting.

Shift Mode Enabled

Setting shift mode to "Normal" or "Strict" will enable an employee to "time in/time out" in the web admin (very useful if you want to monitor your employees' shift adherence).

1. Click the profile icon on the upper right side of the web admin to access the "Shift management" button.

2. This will open the Shift management pop-out window. Clicking the "Start Shift" button will begin an employee's shift and will allow certain actions to be completed depending on the shift mode selected.

3. To end shift, you just need to go to the profile icon then click "Shift management" again to open the window, and then click the "End Shift" button.