How to enable a game to use auto login (license pool) feature.

Configure games to utilize house accounts for customers.

You can make in-house accounts available for your users so that they can play a game without owning it. Below are the steps on how to connect an enabled game to an existing license pool.

NOTE: It is highly recommend that you register one Steam account per game that you want to add to the license system (same for etc).

1. Go to Settings > Client configuration > Games/Apps. Select the game which you would like to enable and check "Use Automatic License System" within the game details.

2. Go to Settings > Center config > Licenses to create a license pool if you do not have one yet. Otherwise, make sure to add the game in the existing license pool by clicking on three dots button on the right side and select "Edit pool".

3. Search or select the game from the dropdown list. You can also set which PC and/or User groups that can use this license pool. Do not forget to click "Save".

4. Once you have added licenses for this game, ggleap will automatically send and manage the licenses to all your computers, like a real-time library system.

NOTE: Automatic license system does not support Executable type games.