How to add Windows 10 Store Apps


How to get AppID

  • Create a shortcut of the App to Desktop

    • Method 1 - If App is pinned to Start

      • Drag the app icon to Desktop

    • Method 2 - Create Shortcut from shell:AppsFolder

      • go to Start > Run (or winkey+R)

      • Find your app in the folder

      • Right-click and choose "Create Shortcut"

  • Go back to Desktop (where these shortcuts were created)

  • Right-click the shortcut and select Properties

  • Open Textify App

  • Select a key combination to enable trigger for Textify to highlight non-highlightable text (this case, it's ctrl + left click)

  • Hover on the Target Type field from the App's properties window

  • Use the Textify key combination to highlight the Target Type

  • Right-Click the highlighted text, and select copy (or just ctrl+c)

  • Contact ggLeap Support and send the value from the target type so we can add the game to our catalog

    • in this example, it's "Microsoft.GamingApp_8wekyb3d8bbwe!Microsoft.Xbox.App"