ggRock Machines missing from Machines tab after Linux Kernel Update - HTTP 5xx Server Error No More network devices

This article details linux administration tasks necessary if a Linux kernel update results in an inability for ggRock to function.



ggRock Machines are missing from the Machines tab of the ggRock Web UI.

Internal Server Error is displayed at the top-right corner when viewing the Machines tab.


Additionally, Machines may be unable to boot to ggRock when this has occurred.

Error messages may include:

HTTP 5xx Server Error

No more network devices


Re-run ggrock-linux-configurator

  1. Access the server console via a direct connection to the server, SSH, or via Debian Control Panel.


2. Log in with the root user, or another admin user on the system.


3. Enter the ggrock-linux-configurator command, then press <Enter>.


4. At the "Welcome" dialog, press <Enter> to proceed with configuration.


5. At the "Install packages" dialog, press <Enter> to install packages from the Debian "contrib" repository.


6. At the "Enable repositories" dialog, press <Enter> to enable the required repositories.


7. At the "IP adddress" dialog, select the primary IP address of your server, then press <Enter> to confirm.


8. If desired, at the "Bridge configuration" dialog you may choose to configure your server for virtual machines at this time by pressing <Enter> to confirm, otherwise select "No" here and press <Enter> to confirm.


9. At the "IP forwarding" dialog, press <Enter> to confirm.


10. Restart the ggRock service with the "systemctl restart ggrock" command.


11. Attempt to view the ggRock web UI again.

12. Observe that Machines, Arrays, and Images tabs appear populated with

information as expected.

Additional Information

A linux kernel update has been applied, or otherwise Debian OS system updates have been applied that have resulted in an inability for the ZFS pool to be imported.

Usually the symptoms of this issue is having no array in ggrock UI, and running zfs list command from the terminal results in a ZFS Modules are not loaded error.

This does not happen after every single kernel update and it does not happen for everyone. Future versions of ggRock will not update every package when a ggRock update is installed and should be much faster/safer to run.