ggRock Machines Have Incorrect Drive Letter for Games Image

This article details necessary steps to resolve a condition which may prevent games launching due to incorrect drive letter assignment for your games drive.


For the purposes of this exercise, we will assume that the Games image has been mounted within Windows as the drive "G:\". ggRock Machines boot successfully, however rather than the Games drive being mounted to "G:\", it is instead mounted to "H:\".

This issue will present in several ways, including:

  • Broken shortcuts to game launchers and games on the Windows desktop

  • ggLeap missing games or applications from the games or applications list

  • Errors launching games or apps from ggLeap

  • Launchers unable to locate games, or asking to re-download games


Disconnect any internal drives (physically disconnect the SATA cable, IDE cable, or in the case of an M.2 drive remove the screw and remove the drive from the mounting point).

Additional Information

If your computers have multiple internal drives, or multiple USB drives are left connected at boot time, it is possible for Windows to mount these physical disks prior to the iSCSi-mounted Games drive, resulting in the drive letter your games, launchers, applications, and shortcuts are looking for to not contain those items.


The Games drive still contains all of the games and content, however they are located on a drive letter that they were not originally configured on. It is important to not commit any writebacks in this condition as it will cause some Machines to have the correct drive letter, and others not. The best solution here is to remove/disconnect any drives, however an alternate solution is to change your games drive to use a drive letter further down the alphabet such as X:\, but that will require you to reconfigure/reinstall all games and apps to re-point them to the new location, or use that drive letter from the beginning.